• Building a Shopify business doesn't have to be scary

    We make it easy.

    A Toronto, Canada based Shopify Partner providing web development and UX/UI strategy

  • Bazaar is led by a
    • Founder
    • Product Manager
    • and Developer

    You get three experts for the price of one.

    We understand the challenges of working with agencies and developers.
    No more worrying about:

    Confusing technical concepts                Lack of project management                Not knowing what to ask for
    Communication gap                Rebuilds                Misaligned expectations                Lack of business understanding               
    Confusing billing                Innacurate timelines                Lack of diverse experince                Feeling like your speaking a different language

    Our policies:

    Working at the same level

    Regardless of technical understanding, ensuring you can make decisions with confidence.

    Going beyond the details

    Understanding business goals to provide recommendations that save you time and money.

    Bringing you the best tech

    Ensuring you're working with the best technologies, languages, and libraries for your needs.

  • Services

    We take care of everything that holds back your business' potential.


    Theme update


    Adding new styling, components, apps, etc. to an existing theme.

    Product page customization


    Creating unique product selectors, variant presentations, product configurations, and bypassing variant limits.

    Custom theme build


    Building a totally unique design from the ground up. Base theme, design, and UX/UI advice provided. Mobile-first design and development.

    Functionality and applications


    Building functionality such as questionaires, quizzes, and more that engage customers beyond a typical shopping experince.

    Strategy & UX/UI

    850 point UX/UI audit


    Using industry leading standards to do a full UX/UI audit of virtually all components, use cases, customers, etc.

    Customer segmentation


    Opportunities to grow revenue include customer segmentation, deeper user level marketing and sales, user-level customized communications, etc.

    Future opportunities plan


    Creating a comprehensive plan on how to grow and scale your store. Includes technical, strategy, and brand considerations. Provides a curated backlog of updates and components with estimated build times.

  • Contact

    Let's make it easy for you to grow your business.

    You will be contacted within 12 hours to schedule a call, align on deliverables, and get the project started. A project can start as fast as 3 days.

    Email: contact@bazaaragency.com
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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